Should I talk to the insurance company before I get a personal injury attorney?

Contacting The Insurance Company

After being injured in an auto accident your insurance company is supposed to be informed. There is a difference between reporting the accident to your insurance company and working to settle a claim with the insurance company of the at-fault driver. In many instances the statement that you make to your insurance company as well as statements made to other insurance companies are recorded. For this reason, it is often beneficial to seek the assistance of a personal injury attorney to immediately begin guiding you through the process of seeking payment for your injuries. Having an attorney can help to ensure that your interests are protected and that you don’t make statements that could be misconstrued and later used against you to reduce or eliminate payment of the money you are owed for the damages and injuries that you sustained in the car accident.

Who’s on your side?

You may have the impression that since you pay the insurance company they should return the favor by looking out for your best interest, however, in reality their number one goal of Insurance companies is to make a profit while paying out as little benefits as legally possible. From day one the insurance company is going to be looking for information that may harmful to your claim or for a possible reason to deny or decrease the pay-out on your claim.

The expenses of being injured in a car accident can really add up. Medical care from an emergency room, urgent care, specialists, or physical therapy clinic, while potentially losing time with your family or your job can really take a toll on you mentally and financially. You may have also suffered from an injury that may decrease your mobility and cause pain for the rest of your life. A back or neck injury can possibly produce orthopedic and neurological problems for years.

Sometimes insurance companies will try to speak directly with the victims and offer to provide a fast payment in an amount that is less than you deserve. This is done as part of an attempt to resolve your case and to reduce the amount of money that you may be entitled to receive. This is one reason that having your insurance company come up with a quick settlement proposal is in their best interest but is often not in your best interest. This is particularly true because once you settle you are not able to pursue additional damages even if you continue to be injured and continue to accrue medical and other expenses related to your injury.

Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Choosing an experienced personal injury attorney to have in your corner can truly make the difference in the amount you receive as payment for your pain and suffering. Your Attorney knows the “ins and outs” of the insurance claims process and make sure that your are able to maximize your claim and obtain the the highest possible payment for your damages.

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