Chapter 209A Domestic Restraining Orders and Chapter 258E Harassment Prevention Restraining Orders

Restraining Order Lawyers in Bristol, Norfolk, and Plymouth County

Cohen Cleary, P.C., provides compassionate, strategic harassment prevention representation in Massachusetts. We understand the disruption that domestic violence has on people’s lives. You can turn to us for the help you need. Please call our office at 508-880-6677 to schedule a consultation with our Restraining Order Lawyers in Raynham, MA, Quincy, MA and Plymouth, MA.

Helping You Get Protection

Victims of domestic violence may file a temporary injunction for protection or restraining order after one incidence of violence. The injunction orders the alleged abuser to stop the violence or harassment, and to stay away from the victim and his or her children. The injunction can include orders for temporary child custody, visitation, and child or spousal support. We will represent you at protective order hearings and all subsequent proceedings relating to the case.

You may also file injunctions for protection if you have been the victim of repeat violence, dating violence and sexual violence. Any of these petitions may be filed on behalf of a child under age 18 living at home. If an alleged abuser ignores the injunction, he or she can be arrested and may be charged with violating the order.

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Being falsely accused of domestic violence can damage your reputation and relationship with your children. Sometimes people make false allegations of abuse to try to influence the outcomes of divorce or custody cases. We defend people who are wrongfully accused of domestic violence. Call a restraining order attorney at our Raynham, Quincy, and Plymouth law office at (508) 880-6677.