Advancement and Defense of Commercial and Residential Evictions

Collection of Past Due Rent

As one of the most rapidly growing areas in New England, Southeastern Massachusetts requires an uncommon amount of legal expertise.

If your attorney is well-versed in zoning bylaws, it’s possible to quickly get the permits you need to build or improve your business, or to redesign your home, build an addition, or build a new home. Even buying a home requires expertise: if you don’t know what you’re signing, you could be on the receiving end of some seriously unpleasant surprises.

Cohen Cleary, P.C. has been working with builders, homeowners, business people, and developers for years, and he has the knowledge to move your real estate ideas from concept to reality.

In fact, this section of Cohen Cleary, P.C.’s website will soon contain in-depth tutorials about issues of concern including:

1) What sellers gain from having an attorney;

2) What buyers gain from having an attorney; and

3) How to select the best lender.

There are many types. We’ll discuss what they are, what types of customers they serve, how to select what’s best for you, and more. Even if you never call for our services, our expertise will be valuable to you.

We represent both tenants and property owners in eviction and other real estate actions and disputes.