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At Cohen Cleary, our MassHealth lawyers provide comprehensive MassHealth services that are individually designed to meet your specific goals, needs, and budget.
The MassHealth application and appeals process can be a very daunting, confusing, and stressful process, especially for individuals applying for a loved one. The guidelines for MsssHealth set out specific timeframes that the application must be completed. The timing of the application to MassHealth is important as there is the ability to have the benefits applied for a specific retroactive period. MassHealth will request verifications be submitted on assets to ensure that the applicant meets the necessary financial guidelines. If you are denied, you have the ability to appeal that denial and secure MassHealth benefits.

Our firm does not just assist in the application process for individuals; we also offer representation for health care facilities as well. If a family member is failing to provide the appropriate verifications to MassHealth, or simply refusing to cooperate during the MassHealth application period, our firm can be of assistance. Our lawyers have experience seeking the appointment of conservators for securing long term care benefits under MassHealth.

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