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The crimes one could be charged with are lengthy. The listed criminal charges are some of the charges that our Trial Lawyers may assist you in your criminal defense. These include:

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Operating Under the Influence/Drunk Driving (OUI)(DUI)

If you have been arrested or charged with Operating Under the Influence (OUI) or what many states commonly refer to as Driving Under the Influence (DUI) then you are already discovering the complicated procedures to get your license back. If you have been charged then your license has already been suspended. It is important to hire an attorney to represent you if you have been charged with either an OUI for drugs or alcohol due to the consequences on your license and potential for jail time. An experienced attorney can help you navigate the complex laws that can prevent you from getting your license back. In many cases if your license was suspended for refusing a breath test the only way to get your license back before the 6 month minimum loss of license is to have your case dismissed or be found not guilty.

If you are going to proceed in your case by having a trial, it is always in your best interest to be represented by an attorney that knows the rules of evidence, the trial procedures, and the best way to defend against these charges. An experienced attorney will also be able to look at the evidence against you and determine what motions need to be filed on your behalf. For example, to admit the results of a breath test against you at trial certain procedures needed to have been adhered to, and an attorney can look at the evidence and see if the proper procedures were followed. If the procedures were not followed your Attorney can file motions to prevent the results of your breath test from being used as evidence against you.

Multiple Offense OUI Charges

Additionally, whether or not you have been charged with a second OUI/DUI, third OUI/DUI, or even fourth offense OUI/DUI will have a tremendous impact on what work needs to be done in your case. Massachusetts has mandatory minimum jail time if you have been charged with a multiple offense OUI/DUI. You will need an experienced attorney that can ensure that you have been charged correctly, and can advocate on your behalf for a lesser charge which has less severe consequences. Read more on Operating Under The Influence

Domestic Assault & Battery

True domestic violence must stop and is never acceptable in any way. With that said, there are a lot of calls to the police amongst couples and/or household members who don’t realize when the police are called to a ‘domestic disturbance’ it will result in a mandatory arrest. Upon arrival of the police department, someone must be removed from the location and more likely than not that person will be placed under arrest. The police officer’s will ask both parties what happened. You always have the right to remain silent. As soon as any statements are made, those statements will be used against you and provided to the District Attorney’s office in order to prosecute the case. With new revisions to the law, the Commonwealth will place anyone who is charged with this offense on a list to register the ‘abusers’. The only way to have this removed is to take the case to trial and/or null processed. A dismissal is not enough. Contact our office as soon as is possible if arrested on these charges to assist you in defending against the allegations.

Probation Violation

After the conclusion of your case either by plea or trial, the Court may order you on probation. At some point during the probationary period, you may be notified that you have ‘violated your probation’ by the Probation Department. The requirements of proof for a probation violation hearing is much less of a burden then that of the underlying case. It is important to understand that probation may be violated for many different reasons, some examples are: noncompliance due to being charged with an additional crime, nonpayment of money, and/or using drugs or alcohol with an abstinence order in place. Depending on the Courts, some probation departments seek detention for the probationer upon the alleged violation. It is paramount that the probationer be properly represented in order to avoid detention and allow the probation to continue until its completion end date.

Restraining Orders

Victims of domestic violence may file a temporary injunction for protection or restraining order after one incidence of violence. The injunction orders the alleged abuser to stop the violence or harassment, and to stay away from the victim and his or her children. The injunction can include orders for temporary child custody, visitation, and child or spousal support. We will represent you at protective order hearings and all subsequent proceedings relating to the case.

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