6 Things To Do After A Car Accident
Have you ever wondered what to do after a car accident? After a car accident you may experience confusion on what to do. This may be due to shock, a rush of adrenaline, or due to the injuries you suffered. You also may be worried about legal issues such as when and how to report the accident, who you should speak with about the accident, and how to file a claim. This blog is intended to provide some basic information to answer those questions. This will not only help you to avoid feeling confused but will also help to ensure that your rights are protected and will allow us to pursue the maximum amount of money possible to compensate you for your injuries.

Here is a compiled list of things to start doing immediately after an auto accident:

Call 911 and notify the police and emergency medical treatment providers;
Exchange insurance information with the at-fault driver but do not speak to the at-fault driver regarding why or how the accident happened;
Seek immediate medical treatment if necessary and follow the recommendations of your treatment providers;
Take photographs to document the location of the accident, the property damage, and any visible injuries;
Assemble all relevant documents (insurance declaration page, medical bills, police reports, crash operator reports, etc);
Contact Cohen Cleary before speaking with any insurance companies or signing any documents;

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