Should I hire a lawyer if I am injured in a car accident?

The short answer is yes!

If you have been in a car accident and have suffered personal injuries you are entitled to receive compensation for all of your injuries. It is typical to receive payment for property damage to your vehicle as well as payment of some of your medical expenses for your injuries. After filing a claim with the insurance company you will often be contacted and asked to provide a written or recorded statement. You also may be offered payment for damage to your vehicle and some medical expenses and asked to sign a release. If you sign that release you may be agreeing to accept less compensation than you deserve, which works out well for the insurance company but does not work out very well for you.

The automobile insurance company has trained professionals who look out for them. This is why it is important for you to have a lawyer who will fight to protect your rights and get you the money you deserve. Once you hired Cohen Cleary, P.C. You will no longer have to worry about what to say or what to do because we will deal with the insurance company for you. We will make sure that you receive payment for the damage to your vehicle, damage to your personal property, payment of all medical expenses, payment for lost wages, and payment for all of your pain, suffering, and emotional anguish that is caused by the car accident. If you have more than $2,000.00 in medical expenses or if you have suffered a permanent and serious disfigurement, broken bone, or loss of hearing or sight then you […]