Can I Seal my Criminal Record in Massachusetts?

Seal Records

Kellie Sanders, Esq.

Are Criminal Charges Following You?

You have been in trouble with the law many years ago, but that criminal record has been following your around for years. Can you seal your criminal record? In Massachusetts it is possible to seal criminal charges on your record. If your criminal record has lead to difficulty in finding employment or housing you have the option to petition the courts or the Office of the Commissioner of Probation. Depending on the outcome of your criminal case you may need to only petition the court, however, in other circumstances you will need to petition the Office of the Commissioner of Probation. It is important to keep in mind that even a case that was dismissed or where you were found Not Guilty can still have an impact in your life when an employer, school, or housing official looks at your criminal record.

Hire an Attorney to Seal Records

Hiring an Attorney that can determine where you need to file your petition to seal, and what documentation needs to be submitted will help to significantly increase your chances of having your criminal record successfully sealed. If you petition the court, your Attorney can determine what court your petition needs to be filed in, and can represent you at the multiple hearings that take place before your petition can be allowed.

Experience Matters

At Cohen Cleary, P.C., we have experience in working with clients to seal records. Having a criminal record that is years old can still have a detrimental effect on your career, educational prospects, and can even prevent you from attending events with your child’s school. Hiring an attorney that knows the rules and procedures for sealing your records can help you achieve your goals for the future despite your past.

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Authored by Attorney Kellie Sanders.

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